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Data Protection at Codebase

In light of recent events, we wanted to write a quick post to outline the measures we take to ensure that the data you entrust to us is safe and how we monitor the techniques used to ensure they will be ready for use when we need them.

Notification enhancements

Following the addition of acceptance criteria to Codebase recently, we reviewed our current notifications for email, Slack and Hipchat.

Watched Tickets

We're pleased to announce the addition of a watched tickets page in Codebase, which gives you a dedicated page where you can view all tickets that you're currently watching in...

Acceptance Criteria

We've just released a new feature today that a number of our users have shown interest in - the ability to add acceptance criteria to a ticket that must first...

Automate Bug Reporting with TestLodge

Testing software and logging bugs takes time. Integrating Codebase with TestLodge can save your team time by making this process more efficient.

Force Push Protection

It happens to every team, someone force-pushes to the repository and overwrites the branch, instead of pulling and merging changes like they should. We want to make this a thing...

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Splitting Tickets

Hot on the heels of our new feature for restoring deleted items, we've also deployed a new feature today that has been requested by a number of our users -...

Recovering Deleted Items

Today we're pleased to introduce a new feature in Codebase - the ability to restore items removed from your account that may have been deleted in error.

Progress and Deadlines

Today we're making a small change to the ticket creation and updating forms. We're rolling the "Sprints" and "Dates and Milestones" tab into one unified tab, "Progress and Deadlines".

Intro to Agile: Part 4 - The Kanban Board

Previously we discussed Time and Effort and how they're used in Codebase as part of the Agile methodology. To finish, we'll be talking about the Kanban Board, a central place...

Intro to Agile: Part 3 - Effort and Time

In the last blog post we outlined the Burndown Chart and how it helps with analysing the performance of your Sprints. Now we're going to be discussing Time and Effort...

Intro to Agile: Part 2 - Sprints

Previously we talked about the ability to add tickets en-masse as part of the Agile features. In this post, we'll be starting to look at Sprints and how they can...