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Repository Hosting

Codebase offers fast and reliable hosting for Git, Murcurial and Subversion repositories. Mix and match unlimited repositories of any type per project.

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Create tickets, assign users, and keep track of progress with custom statuses and priorities to match your workflow. Make comments and group tickets into sprints or milestones.

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Exception Tracking

Be notified the moment a new bug is identified in your application. Track occurances, and find solutions with full backtraces in addition to request and session parameters.

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Create rich, source controlled documentation wikis for everyone on your project using Markdown. Attach files, create folders and link to other documents in your wiki.

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Time Tracking

Keep track of every hour spent on a project. Sort time into billed and unbilled categories. Assign estimated hours and attach actual time spent to tickets.

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Free Deploy Account

Every paid Codebase account comes with a free Deploy account. Deploy is the easy way to deploy code from your repository to your servers via FTP, SSH, SFTP, Amazon S3 or Rackspace Files.

Repository Browser & Code Hosting.

Codebase is packed with features to help you manage your code and your project with ease. Here are some of the excellent features which you can use in Codebase.

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Source Tree Browsing

Instantly browse any file in your repository from any point in time using the Codebase browser. Quickly jump between specific commits, branches and tags.

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View Commits & Compare Diffs

Keep track of all addition, modification, or deletion made to any of your repositories. Compare differences between two specific commits, branches and tags.

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Code Review Tools

Monitor code quality and share knowledge with merge requests and inline code comments. Assign colleagues, discuss changes, and automatically merge everything upon completion.

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Track Deployments

Log every deployment made using whatever deployment system you fancy (e.g. Deploy or Capistrano). Deployments will appear in your activity feed with a link to view all changes.

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Track TODOs

Codebase automatically generates a concise report with every TODO, FIXME, OPTIMIZE and BUG comment found in your code. Filter them by type and convert them into tickets with one click.

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Public Changelog

Codebase provides an easy way to publicise your full commit history to keep your users in the loop.

Project management and ticket tracking.

Codebase is packed with features to help you manage your code and your project with ease. Here are some of the excellent features which you can use in Codebase.

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Customisable Permissions

Highly configurable permissions settings let you control the level of access granted to users on your account. Restrict access to certain functionality or entire projects. You decide.

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Powerful Searching & Filtering

Account-wide search makes tracking down tickets simple. Create your own ‘saved searches’ to quickly locate the tickets that are important to you.

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Activity Feeds

Display commits, ticket updates and notebook changes as they happen on an account or project level. All activity feeds are syndicated to RSS to allow for easy desktop access.

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Sprints & Milestones

Create milestones to outline objectives and set deadlines. Create agile sprints from outstanding tickets in your backlog and use the fully featured kanban board to monitor progress.

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Complete Developer API

Codebase offers a powerful API allowing you to easily work with all the data stored in your account. You can manage repositories, tickets, discussions, users, projects and more.

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Custom Branding

Upload your logo, choose a colour scheme and even use your own domain name (e.g.