Codebase offers an option that is both financially feasible and intuitive for boutique development companies to gain access to a robust application life cycle management suite. As a result, Bruze has been able to punch above our weight class and deliver quality solutions to our customers.

– Martin Crawford, Bruze

We use Codebase every day, all day long for our day-to-day activities. We manage the technology-stack of multiple Magento-based webshops and rely on Codebase for catching thrown exceptions, turning them into tickets, assigning them, keeping track of time spent on these tasks and tying it all together with the code repository as the center of it all. We love it!

– Peter Jaap Blaakmeer, Elgentos

I’ve been absolutely thrilled with Codebase’s performance, uptime, features and support. My development team is enjoying the robust ticket interactions from commits along with the enhanced Markdown support. It’s still a wonderful app we use daily and enjoy. Thank you for the awesome product!

– Erik Reagan, Focus Lab.

We love Codebase. Your services made our trip from a single person company to a 10-person development team so much easier. We are able to educate our customers to use your ticketing system because it’s so easy to use and intuitive. Thank you for continuing to provide such a great product.

– Taylan Pince, Hipo

Codebase is a fantastic piece of software which just works. It’s changed the way we develop and taken us from being an amateur two man student development team using dropbox to a small successful business which delivers on time. The support from Krystal is second to none also. Couldn’t be happier.

– Pablo de la Peña, Shed Collective

I’ve been using other tools like Jira and Basecamp, and none of them beats Codebase in terms of the ease of use. Codebase has all the features you need, and some more. You’ll get up an running in no time, which is great when introducing Codebase to new team members.

– Ørjan Bruland, MottiMotti

Codebase is one of essential apps for running my business. Great support and a slick UI make it easy to use, and my customers are impressed with the ability to easily submit tickets and see the status of projects. The feature that truly sets it apart from Github, etc. is unlimited repositories per project.

– Chris Blunt, Plymouth Software

As the boss for me the best part of Codebase is the additional features it has over standard Git or SVN software. I can track and trace all changes, see history of what people have been working on and ensure that we deploy a quality product every time. Everything is geared towards helping us develop better and track bugs and exceptions better than before.

– Rad Dougall, StudioWorks

It’s a fabulous product and support really listens. Been very happy and have recommended the product to several of my clients who now use it instead of other products. I like the fact that other Krystal products all integrate together so nicely.

– Brett Nemeroff, VoiceFox Telephony

The combination of CodebaseHQ and DeployHQ has changed the way we work. I can assign work to developers and keep track of progress regardless of where I am. I can see how long work is taking and identify potential bottlenecks. I can also give access to clients so they can keep a check on the progress of their project and raise any changes directly within CodebaseHQ. Thanks to CodebaseHQ we are a better organised and more efficient team!