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Global Hooks

Codebase has always offered users a way to post project-events to third party services such as Slack or HipChat, or to your own services using HTTP Post. Unfortunately, up until...

Syntax Highlighted Diffs

Hot on the heels of our Side-by-Side Diff Views update comes syntax highlighting in diffs. This should make reading diffs much easier than before.

Side-by-side Diff Views

Sometimes the traditional diff view can be hard to read, particularly in busy changesets where you have a lot of deletions and additions.

Improvements to Exceptions

You can now mark exceptions that you store in Codebase as Resolved. This allows you to hide exceptions which have been fixed without deleting them from your account.

SSL for Custom Domains

If you've configured a custom domain for your Codebase account, you won't been able to benefit from any SSL on your connections to Codebase. This isn't ideal at all and...

PDF Viewer

For those of you that like to store PDFs in your repositories, you can now view your documents in the repository browser - just like you would with the rest...

Managing your threads with Queue

One of my favourite utilities in the Ruby standard library is the Queue class. Queue provides you with a delightfully simple way to synchronise communication between threads. Typically, Queue is...

Improved Exceptions

We've given the exception reporting in Codebase a bit of a revamp in the last few days. Up until now, each individual exception has been displayed on the exceptions page...

Sending desktop notifications with Noti

A little while ago we launched Noti which is a little tool to help sending desktop notifications from web applications to desktop machines when you're not actively browsing the website.

UI improvements to Codebase

For the last couple of months, we've been working away on a bunch of new UI improvments to Codebase.