Powerful features for development teams

  • Mix & Match SCMs

    Store all of repositories in one place, whether you’re using Git, Mercurial or Subversion. You don’t have to choose as we have great support for all three!

  • Source Tree Browsing

    Instantly browse any file in your repository from any point in time using the Codebase browser. Quickly jump between specific commits, branches and tags.

  • View Commits & Compare Changes

    Keep track of all addition, modification, or deletion made to any of your repositories. Compare differences between two specific commits, branches and tags.

  • Code Review Tools

    Monitor code quality and share knowledge with merge requests and inline code comments. Assign colleagues, discuss changes, and automatically merge everything upon completion.

  • Track Deployments

    Log every deployment made using whatever deployment system you fancy (e.g. Deploy or Capistrano). Deployments will appear in your activity feed with a link to view all changes.

  • Public Changelog

    Codebase provides an easy way to publicise your full commit history to keep your users in the loop.