Looking for a new place to host your Mercurial repositories?


In August 2019, Bitbucket announced that they will soon be dropping support for Mercurial. They included a link to Mecurial's Wiki which shows a list of supported repository hosts, including our own service, Codebase.

Codebase fully supports connections to your Mercurial repositories via SSH and HTTP and all the other great project management features we offer, such as ticketing and code review come baked in as standard.

Migrating your Mercurial repositories from Bitbucket to Codebase

Importing your existing repositories to Codebase is simple. As a distributed version control system, all authorised users have a copy of the repository on their local machine.

You can simply grab an updated copy of your repository from Bitbucket (if you don't already have one) using hg clone ssh://hg@bitbucket.org/myaccount/myrepo, then following through these guides to get set up on Codebase.

Further information

If you're curious about our pricing, our cheapest plan starts at £9/month which includes 6 projects and 4GB of disk space. We do also have a free plan with access to a single project, 100MB of disk space and 2 users. Just click the button to create a new account or start a free trial next to your package of choice to get started.

You'll also be able to view a full list of what Codebase has to offer on our features page.

If you have any questions about moving your Mercurial repositories over to Codebase, or any other aspect of the service, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

A little bit about the author

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