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In Codebase, your developers can set and record time sessions, which can be marked and billed so you can pay them correctly for the work they have done.

The process of setting this up is called Time Tracking, which we will cover the steps for in this guide.

Time Tracking

To set up time tracking, we will first navigate to the Time tab within the Project we are working on and set a standard of 8 hours on the right hand side of the page, and press Go:


Recording our first Time Session

Now we can start recording our first time session! Just click Record Time either from the button at the top of the Time Tracking page, or within the Time tab.

We can enter a description of our session in the Summary field, the date we did our work on in the Occurred On field, and finally the time we spent doing our work on in the Time field (in the format of hh:mm or just in number of minutes), then click Record Time to save the session.


Our time session is now recorded, and set as unbilled. It can be seen on our main time sessions page, as below:


Billing time

The time session has been added, but we want to mark the session ready for it to be paid. Let's mark it as billed, by checking the session on the left hand side of the view, which will bring up a pane where we can click Mark as billed, with the option of adding it to a new time sessions group, or an existing one if it has been added previously:


We have added that session to a billed group June 2017, so that we can start to group our work into monthly reports.

Filtering and viewing Billed Groups

With a few more sample time sessions added, we can look now at searching and filtering. We can view all our billed time sessions via Reports -> All Time, but we will look the billed group June 2017:


From here we can see a summary of the time sessions we created under June 2017, with total time being shown at the bottom. Checking the option to the top right to lock the billed group will ensure future time sessions cannot be added to this group, unless it is subsequently unlocked first.


We hope you've found this post useful, let us know if you have any questions as always.

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