Kanban Board 2.0

New Features

If you've been a part of our agile beta you'll probably be familiar with the Kanban Board functionality that's available as part of a sprint. Today I'd like to introduce you to the latest iteration of the kanban board that we've been hard at work developing over the last few months.

This has been a ground-up rewrite of the board to enable a much higher degree of interactivity and synchronicity than the original. Key features of the revised board include:

  • Arbitrary reordering of tickets, regardless of their priority
  • A much clearer interface for updating and creating tickets
  • Changes on a kanban board will be synchronised in real-time with anyone else viewing or editing the kanban board
  • Kanban boards are now available for any ticket report within a project! Just press the 'View ticket list as Kanban Board' button on the bottom of any ticket report.
  • Comments on tickets can now be viewed and edited from within the kanban board.

Kanban Board 2.0 Screenshot

A little bit about the author

My name is Dan. My primary role at aTech is to develop and maintain our hosted applications, such as Codebase and Deploy. I'm often the person who responds to helpdesk tickets where further investigation is needed. My preferences include; beer over lager, dogs over cats, coffee over tea and cars from the 80s.