Free & automatic SSL on your custom domains

New Features

We're delighted to be launching our new & improved custom domain feature on Codebase. In the past, you could configure your own custom domain (CNAME) but you had to provide us with the SSL certificate to keep it secure. Today, when you configure a custom domain on your account, we will automatically set it up and configure a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate for free. This means all the communications between you and Codebase will be secured even if you're using your own domain.

Anyone who already has a custom domain configured on their account will already have had a certificate generated for them automatically and will find that all requests to their domain are redirected to the HTTPS version.

If you'd like to enable this on your account, you'll need the Custom branding feature which is available on the Freelancer plan and above. Just head over to Settings menu in the top right and choose 'Access & Domains'.

A little bit about the author

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