• Ticket

    Complete and powerful ticketing system

    Keeping track of all your bugs, enhancements and tasks has never been so easy! Your tickets are directly tied to your repositories and milestones, so you're just a click away from the code you need.

  • Tickets

    Powerful searching & filtering

    Codebase allows you to create your own "saved searches" which allow you to easily access the tickets you need to view.

  • History

    Store your full ticket history

    Every update to a ticket is logged and displayed with the ticket, allowing you to see exactly when text updates and comments were made. Codebase also shows you when a ticket's status was changed so you'll never feel out of touch.

  • Status

    Status, Priority and Tags

    Keep track of tickets by assigning a status and priority from a selection of presets, or your own project-specific additions. Tag your tickets to easily group related issues.

  • Email-tickets

    Receive tickets directly from your users by e-mail

    Tickets can be inserted directly in to your Codebase account by e-mail. Each project has its own unique incoming address and all mail sent to this address will be added, as a ticket, to the relevant project. Tickets from unknown addresses will be added to a queue for you to approve or deny manually.

  • Watch

    Easily keep in the loop by watching tickets

    Any user (with the appropriate access rights) can opt to "watch" a ticket - each time the ticket is updated they will be notified of the update by e-mail.

  • Commit-message

    Easily update ticket properties from repository commits

    Developers can easily link tickets to commits or update a ticket status by simply adding a tag to their commit message. The ticket will then be automatically updated when the commit is pushed to Codebase. For example, you can use this to easily mark a ticket as 'completed' without needing to open the web interface.