• Commits

    All the repository browsing functionality you'd expect

    Codebase offers a range of powerful features to help developers track changes to code, manage repositories and track tasks. You'll never be left struggling to find that pesky bug. With full support for Git, Mercurial & Subversion, we've got you covered.

  • Tree

    Fast source tree browsing

    The browser allows you to browse any tree of your repository from any point in history. With instant access to latest commit information, it's never been easier to refer back to an old file or read your latest code updates from anywhere.

  • Diff

    View commits and check out comparisons

    The Codebase commit browser allows you to view all the changes pushed to your repos. Every addition, modification or deletion will be easily identifiable. In addition to viewing additional commits, the commit browser allows you to compare specific commits as well as branches & tags.

  • Import

    Import your repositories from other services

    Migrate your existing repositories from other hosts onto Codebase with our easy import tools. Pull your code out of your Github, Basecamp and Unfuddle accounts at the click of a button. In addition to our web-based tools, we also have a range of import scripts which can copy your data over easily.

  • Exceptions

    NEW Error & Exception tracking built-in

    Using our AirBrake compatible API, you can track your application's exceptions within Codebase. Exceptions can be converted to tickets and managed just like any other bug.

  • Tasks

    Keep track of all your TODO items with Code Tasks

    Every time you push commits to Codebase, we will scan your repositories and check for any TODO, FIXME, OPTIMIZE and BUG tags in your comments, generating a concise report, easily viewable within the web interface.

  • Syntax

    Read code with ease with built-in Syntax Highlighting

    Every text file in your repository will be syntax highlighted as appropriate. We'll highlight a whole variety of languages including:

    • Ruby, PHP, Perl & Python
    • HTML, CSS & Javascript
    • C, C#, Objective-C & C++
    • Go, Scala, Erlang & AppleScript
    • XML & YAML
    • ...and many more
  • Archive

    Download archives of your repository

    Take your own archival snapshots of any branch in your repository at the touch of a button. You can download a compressed Zip or Tar archive of your code any time.

  • Blame

    Find out who made which change with Blame

    There's always a time when you need to know who made a specific change to a file. Use the web-based blame tool to establish exactly who is responsible for your test failures.

  • Changelog

    Publish your commit history in a public CHANGELOG

    Codebase provides an easy way to keep your users aware of all the commits to your repositories. The public CHANGELOG feature allows you to easily publish your full commit history (author, message & timestamp only).

    Check out an example CHANGELOG

  • Deploys

    Keep track of all your deployments

    In addition to our actual deployment system, you can also use Codebase to simply keep track of each deployment (using whichever deployment system you fancy - perhaps Capistrano?). Deployments will then appear in your activity feed & the deployments list including a link to view all deployed changes.

    Read more about logging from Capistrano

  • External-push

    Automatically push your repositories to external sources

    If you want to keep another copy of your distributed repository with another service, Codebase can automatically push your repository to an external source whenever you push changes.